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Founder & Director
Nikita Simmons-Bush


"Mama Nikita" as she is called in her community, is a wife, mother, community builder and educator. She was born in southwest Georgia, into a family of educators, and spent most of her childhood in Newark, New Jersey, then returned to Georgia to attend Spelman College in 1993.

Teaching and working creatively with young people has always been her heart's desire. Over the past 27 years, Nikita has directed summer camp and after school enrichment programs for inner-city youth, taught elementary grades in Atlanta Public Schools, facilitated cultural arts enrichment programs, published an Afrikan-centered language arts workbook, and successfully home schooled her own children and other youth in her community!

Each One Teach One Home School and Collective was

born out of Nikita's desire to have a special place for

children to learn and grow: a place that is loving like

home, enriching to the mind, body and spirit,

Afrikan-centered, supportive of a  multitude of

intelligences and learning styles, creative,

community-based and fun!

During these years as a home school educator,

Nikita has built a cohort of like-minded families

who work as a collective to support the vision

of Each One Teach One for the betterment of

Afrikan children and families, to strive for

success as we define it: The fulfillment of

our divine purpose for being here!

Mama Nikita's highest value is FAMILY. Her intention is to proliferate the love, high standards and spirit of community that she inherited from her parents and extended family, and instill them into the next generation.

Her passions include singing, dancing, sewing, studying indigenous cultural traditions, Kemetic yoga, natural hair styling, reading, creative writing and youth theater arts.

Nikita is most proud of her loving family: husband Eldridge, sons, Asad and Kofi, daughters, Farasha, Aaliyah, Mery and Subira.

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