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Our Philosophy

Wholistic Education

At Each One Teach One, we subscribe to the belief that the WHOLE child must be cultivated…Mind, Body and Spirit. Not only are we teaching academic content, exploration, critical thinking and problem solving; we are equally invested in the maintenance of strong healthy bodies, and the cultivation of inner peace, clarity and gentle character. This is why we provide and support Multiple Intelligence Development, Balanced Vegan Lifestyles, Natural Movement & Yoga for exercise, and Ma’at Based Spiritual Values.


Classes Include:

  • Word Power/English Language Arts & Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Afrikan Ourstory & World History

  • Geography & Social Studies

  • Wholistic Health Sciences

  • Conversational Twi Language

  • Conversational Spanish Language

  • Earth Science, Intro to Biology & Anatomy

  • Vocal Music & Dance

  • Drama & Oratorical Development

  • Leadership Development & Unity Building

  • Financial Literacy & Economic Development

Developmental Program for Preschoolers Includes:

  • Motor skill development

  • Language & articulation

  • Phonics & Literacy development

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Afrikan Centered social skills development

  • Arts & Crafts


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