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The Collective

The families that comprise Each One Teach One function as an extended family network. Each family is unique, but shares the common values of Afrikan-centeredness, Black Family Love, and educating our children wholistically. Some of the families in the collective are full time homeschoolers whose children attend on a part time basis, while others attend full time.  

We all pull together regularly to go on educational field trips, have in-school celebrations, parent-led arts or academic activities, big family potlucks, out-of-town travel, graduation and promotion ceremonies and more! Working collectively, growing together, we strengthen and support each other, as we are striving to overcome the challenges that come with parenthood, marriage, finances and everyday life as an Afrikan man or woman. We hold each other up and we hold each other accountable.



Each One Teach One’s goal is to provide experiences and cultivation for our youth that supports their development into self-loving, self-actualizing, empowered human beings. We know that this can only be achieved by instilling a positive Afrikan identity and consciousness in each child, and honing the diverse talents and skills that each child possesses. Afrikan-centered education leads to an empowered knowledge of self, one’s empowered place in the world, and the empowered knowing of one’s destiny, leads to the collective fulfillment of our destiny as Afrikan people, to live out the greatness which is our birthright!

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